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AVAILABLE NOW!!   Newest Technology for Your 1st Line of Home Security:

    Your Door Lock Systems

Primus XP Dual Locking Design

For additional security, you can upgrade your CURRENT cylinder with our Primus XP mechanism.

Primus XP:    


Pick-resistant and built with the highest standards of quality. Primus XP provides additional cylinder security and helps eliminate unauthorized key duplication.  

• Two independent locking mechanisms - a conventional pin and tumbler plus 5 finger pins and sidebar mechanism 

• Top pins and sidebar must be engaged simultaneously for cylinder to operate 

• Requires specially designed side bit milled Primus key for operation 

• Unique side bit milling on key makes unauthorized duplication highly enforceable 

• Allows creation of geographically exclusive keys in a thousand available combinations 

• Can be used to upgrade an Everest 29 or Classic system to a high-security cylinder 

High Security "Laser-Style" Automotive Keys



High Security “Laser Style” Automotive Keys

Laser cut car keys have been around for a while now; mostly in today's higher-end car manufacturers like Accura, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Chev, Ford and Jaguar (Tibbe).

Englewood Lock & Key, Inc. offers reasonably priced laser key cutting services for any make or model vehicle. Simply contact us at (941) 475-2311, provide us with the information about your vehicle and a professional laser cutting technician will provide fast and affordable replacement laser cut keys that are guaranteed to work.

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Call Us Today! (941) 475-2311